St. Luke’s Weekly Newsletter – September 9 (Trinity 15)

Summer Mass Schedule: Sundays at 9am.

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The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

The historian Eusebius, in his Life of Constantine, tells how that emperor ordered the erection of a complex of buildings in Jerusalem "on a scale of imperial magnificence," to set forth as"an object of attraction and veneration to all, the blessed place of our Savior’s resurrection." The over-all supervision of the work–on the site where the Church of the Holy Sepulchre now stands–was entrusted to Constantine’s mother, the empress Helena. In Jesus’ time, the hill of Calvary had stood outside the city;but when the Roman city which succeeded Jerusalem, Aelia Capitolina, was built, the hill was buried under tons of fill. It was during the excavations directed by Helena that a relic,believed to be that of the true cross, was discovered.Constantine’s shrine included two principal buildings: a large basilica, used for the Liturgy of the Word, and a circular church, known as "The Resurrection "–its Altar placed on the site of the tomb–which was used for the Liturgy of the Table,and for the singing of the Daily Office.Toward one side of the courtyard which separated the two buildings, and through which the faithful had to pass on their way from Word to Sacrament, the exposed top of Calvary’s hill was visible. It was there that the solemn veneration of the cross took place on Good Friday; and it was there that the congregation gathered daily for a final prayer and dismissal after Vespers.The dedication of the buildings was completed on September 14, 335, the seventh month of the Roman calendar, a date suggested by the account of the dedication of Solomon’s temple in the same city, in the seventh month of the Jewish Calendar, hundreds of years before (2 Chronicles 7:8-10).(c) 1995 Church Pension Fund.Used By Permission.
It was this feast that was chosen in the late 19th century to be the patron of the Society of the Holy Cross, a fraternity of Anglo-Catholic clergy better known by its Latin initials: SSC.

When was the last time you invited someone to come with you to Mass?

Sunday’s Readings

Ecclesiasticus 5.1-10
Psalm 49
Galatians 6.11-18

Matthew 6.24-34

Sunday’s Hymns

289 O God, our help in ages past
335 Glory be to Jesus
190 Let thy Blood in mercy poured
562 Stand up, stand up, for Jesus

Sunday’s Announcements

Prayer List

Of your Christian charity, your prayers are asked for Wanda, Loren, Kathleen, Melissa, Elizabeth, Madelynne, Polly, Kate, Ethan, Nathan; and for all service men and women everywhere, especially Brandon, Jake, and Michael, for their protection and safe return.

Happy Birthday

To Irene Freckleton, September 10.

Donation Opportunity:

The altar missal that we had been using was not the parish’s, but the personal property of Father Larry. The parish owns a missal that is rather long in the tooth, and Father Richard’s personal missal is even more elderly and falling to pieces. If you would like to contribute to the purchase of a new parish missal, please put "missal" in the memo line of your check. The total price is $195, but any amount helps. When we reach the total, we will have a calligrapher inscribe a bookplate with the names of those in whose memory a gift was given.

Tip of the Biretta

Many thanks to Irene and Grover Freckleton for supervising the carpet layers as they stretched the upstairs carpet in the sacristy and Lady Chapel. Now when I trip, it’s my own fault!

Coming Attractions

September 9: Last Sunday for the summer Mass schedule.

September 16: Bishop Strawn’s annual visitation, Sung Mass at 10 am. Potluck will follow Mass. Please see the sign-up sheet in the undercroft downstairs–so we don’t end up with all desserts! Like that would be so terrible.

September 23: Regular Schedule returns:

9:00 am Christian Education

10:00 am Sung Mass

11:00 am Fellowship

This Week’s List from the Intercommunion Cycle of Prayer
Church of St. Nicholas, West Seneca, NY

The Very Rev. Edward Idhe, Rector

St. Lucy Mission, West Winfield, NY

The Rev. Richard Dibble, Priest-in-charge

St. Mary’s Church, Akron, OH

The Rev. Canon Leigh A. Kester, Rector

All Saints Church, Bellbrook, OH

The Rev. Mr. Jerry Bova, Deacon-in-charge

St. Paul’s Church, Cincinnati, OH

The Very Rev. Charles Scott, Vicar

St. James Church, Cleveland, OH

The Rev. Daniel J. Jennings, Rector

Reminder, this list comes from the missions and parishes of the "G-4" joint synod church jurisdictions in full intercommunion and working toward unity of Christ’s Church:
The Anglican Catholic Church,

The Most Rev. Mark Haverland, Abp.

The Anglican Province of America,

The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf. PB.

The Anglican Church in America,

The Most Rev. Brian Marsh, HoB Pres.

The Diocese of the Holy Cross.

The Rt. Rev. Paul Hewitt SSC, Bp.

Recommended Reading

I plan to order a few copies of each of our Church publications, The Trinitarian, Ecclesia, and the Fortnightly, to have on hand on the literature table in the undercroft downstairs. If you’d like me to order a copy for you, please let me know this Sunday after Mass.


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