St. Luke’s Weekly Newsletter – October 28 (Feast of Christ the King)

Sunday Mass at 10:00 am, Thursday and Friday Masses at 6:00 pm. See you there!

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Christ the King!
Christ the King is the most recent feast to be added to the Church Year. It was added in 1925 to stand against the dangers of secularism, but in the disastrous liturgical changes of the 1970s, the Roman Catholic Church moved to the last Sunday in the Church Year (the Sunday before Advent.) Traditional Anglicans did not move the celebration; we kept it on the last Sunday in October (the Sunday before All Saints.)

When was the last time you invited someone to come with you to Church?


Jeremiah 10:1-10
Psalm 89

Colossians 1.12-20

John 18:33-37


352 Crown him with many crowns 522 Lord, Christ, when first thou cam’st to men
345 (1st) The King of Love my Shepherd is
523 God, the Omnipotent! King, who ordainest

Prayer List

Of your Christian charity, your prayers are asked for Alyssa, Karen, Elijah, Anthony, Kate, and for all service men and women everywhere, especially Geoff, Brandon, Jake, and Michael, in thanksgiving for their service and for their protection and safe return, and for the peaceful repose of the souls of Miriam and Virginia.

Looking Ahead

Wednesday, October 31:

6:00 pm: No Bible study – stay home and pass out candy!

Thursday, November 1:

6:00 pm: Mass for All Saints’ Day

Friday, November 2:

6:00 pm: Requiem Mass for All Souls’ Day

Sunday, November 4:

2:00 am: Time change–Fall back!

10:00 am: Mass during the octave of All Saints’

All Saints’ and All Souls’

It is the ancient Christian tradition that we pray for the whole Church, those of us alive on earth now and the faithful departed.

On All Saints’ Day we remember the countless saints just as the Book of Revelation pictures them constantly praising God (the Church Triumphant), and on All Souls’ Day we remember those of our family members and loved ones who have preceded us into the Church Expectant.

Because not everyone can attend the Mass on November 2nd, we will repeat the names on Sunday, November 4th, the Sunday in the octave of All Saints’.

For your convenience there are two ways to submit names of family members and loved ones to be read on All Souls’ Day and again on November 4th: Simply fill out a card at church on Sunday and drop it in the collection plate or hand it to the Vicar. Cards will be located on the narthex table through Sunday, October 28th. The second way to submit your name is by emailing Father Richard at So the list can be prepared in time, please email no later than Monday, October 29th.

Special Coffee Mugs
Mugs commemorating the historic synod last fall are still available. As our bishop pointed out at his last visit, being in full intercommunion makes us already one church sacramentally. I’ll be ordering a few of these soon, so let me know if you want one. They’ll run $10 plus shipping.
2019 Ordo Kalendar

Sample page

In another step toward unity, we four jurisdictions that are in intercommunion now will share a common calendar. I have ordered a couple of these for the sacristy and office, but if you want one for home, the address from which to order them is the Anglican Parishes Association at Their bookstore has a number of things you may be interested in, so browse around.

for the week following the Feast of Christ the King

Living Grace Church, Conroe, TX The Rev. John Lohmann, Priest-in-charge
St. Peter’s Church, Cypress, TX
The Rev. John Needham, Rector
St. Patrick Church, Hurst, TX
The Rev. Gerald Cope, Priest-in-charge
Grace Church, New Braunfels, TX
The Rev. Canon Robert J. Cheeseman, Vicar
St. Stephen’s Church, Richardson, TX
The Very Rev. William Dickerson, Vicar
St. Andrew’s Church, Round Rock, TX
The Rt. Rev. Scott Dennis, Rector
Reminder, this list comes from the missions and parishes of the "G-4" church jurisdictions in full intercommunion, sacramentally one Church, working toward full unity:
The Anglican Catholic Church,

The Most Rev. Mark Haverland, Abp.

The Anglican Province of America,

The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf. PB.

The Anglican Church in America,

The Most Rev. Brian Marsh, HoB Pres.

The Diocese of the Holy Cross.

The Rt. Rev. Paul Hewitt SSC, Bp.



No Bible study this week – stay home and hand out candy.
Your neighborhood dentist will thank you. 😉
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