St. Luke’s Weekly Newsletter – November 11 (Trinity 24)

Sunday Mass at 10:00 am, Wednesday Bible Study at 6:00 pm – see you there!

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Catholic Faith • Orthodox Worship • Anglican Tradition
Back to Green
Just in case you were missing it, green is back this Sunday, but for only three weeks, then we reach Advent. Looking forward to that? So am I!

If you haven’t turned in your pledge card, don’t forget to do it this Sunday, so the vestry knows what to plan on when putting together the budget for 2019.

When was the last time you invited someone to come with you to Church?


Malachi 3.13-4.3
Psalm 66
Colossians 1.3-12

Matthew 9.18-26


579 (2nd) Rejoice, ye pure in heart 426 He leadeth me! O blessed thought
408 Take My Life And Let It Be
597 Jerusalem, the golden

Commemorative Coffee Mugs – LAST CALL
Mugs commemorating the historic synod last fall are still available. As our bishop pointed out at his last visit, being in full intercommunion makes us already one church sacramentally. I’ll be ordering a few of these soon, so let me know if you want one. They’ll run $10 plus shipping.
2019 Ordo Kalendar

Sample page

In another step toward unity, we four jurisdictions that are merging now share a common calendar. I have ordered a couple of these for the sacristy and office, but if you want one for home, the address from which to order them is the Anglican Parishes Association at Their bookstore has a number of things you may be interested in, so browse around.
The Lakota Mission

As most of you know, our diocese runs the Sun Star Church Mission to the Lakota People. (Lakota are the people we used to call Sioux.) Winter is just around the corner and it won’t be long before the brutal cold sets in on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Right now the Lakota Fund is at zero as we haven’t gotten much in the way of offerings designated for them.

If you are desirous of helping them out with the propane this winter,please make your checks out to the Diocese of the Missouri Valley and put in the memo section Sun Star/Lakota Fund.We’ll send these right away to the diocese.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

3: Roberta Loughman

11: Sunni Ball

14: Clif & Diana Snow

Prayer List

Of your Christian charity, your prayers are asked for Allison, Karen, Elijah, Kate, Mary, and for all service men and women everywhere, especially Geoff, Brandon, Jake, and Michael, in thanksgiving for their service and for their protection and safe return.

St. Athanasius Church, Glen Allen, VA Vacant
St. James Church, Gloucester, VA
The Rev. Kevin Sweeney, Vicar
Church of St John the Baptist, Marshall, VA
The Rev. Canon Jonathan Ostman, SSC, Rector
St. Matthew’s Church, Newport News, VA
The Rev. Thomas Crowder, Rector
St. Alban’s Church, Richmond, VA
The Rev. Canon Charles Nalls, SSM Rector
St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Roanoke, VA
The Rev. C.G. "Don" Poff, Rector
Reminder, this list comes from the missions and parishes of the "G-4" church bodies in full intercommunion, sacramentally one Church, planning for full administrative unity:
The Anglican Catholic Church,

The Most Rev. Mark Haverland, Abp.

The Anglican Province of America,

The Most Rev. Walter Grundorf. PB.

The Anglican Church in America,

The Most Rev. Brian Marsh, HoB Pres.

The Diocese of the Holy Cross.

The Rt. Rev. Paul Hewitt SSC, Bp.

Anglican Tradition • Orthodox Worship • Catholic Faith

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