About Us

Who are we?

   Anglican is one of the three branches of Christianity:, which includes the Eastern Orthodox, the Roman Catholic, and the Anglican Catholic. The Anglican tradition is Reformed, Orthodox, and Catholic. We are reformed in that we witness to the authority of Holy Scripture, we affirm our Catholic heritage, remaining faithful to the whole Faith as revealed by Jesus Christ, without additions or subtractions, and we are Orthodox, in that we look to scripture, tradition, and reason, but we continually defer to the faith and practice of the undivided Christian Church of the first thousand years.

330893000000647008_zc_v46_2017_anglican_joint_synodsSaint Luke’s is a mission of the Anglican Diocese of the Missouri Valley; a diocese of

Our Mission

To enable all who seek God to glorify Him in worship, prayer, and service, and to receive His grace, Sacraments, love, healing, peace, and the gift of eternal life.



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