REBOOT: Combat Recovery

REBOOT is a faith-based combat trauma healing course designed to address the spiritual wounds of war. At REBOOT locations across the country, combat veterans are healing, divorce rates are dropping, medication abuse is decreasing and suicide numbers are being reduced. 94% of those who complete the course recommend it.


Reboot Combat Recovery provides a spiritual component missing from many other programs. We realize that the human person is one body-mind-spiritual whole and that combat wounds the mind, the heart and the spirit. Combat leaves a moral and a spiritual wound that must be healed. 


St. Luke’s offers Reboot as well as Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling for veterans and active-duty, spouses and those who work within the military community.  The course is FREE, and because we are off-base, completely confidential.


Call St. Luke’s at 719-473-7950 to learn about the next 12-week Reboot class and sign up.


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