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We are following Jesus and invite you to journey with us. The followers of Christ in the first few centuries cared for the poor, bound up the broken, and healed the sick. They gave themselves weekly to prayer and Holy Communion, and they lived virtuous lives. Ruthless barbarians became peaceful by their witness. They didn’t try to fit in, either to worship like the pagans around them, or try to appease the state. They loved and followed Jesus, many even to their death. By the early second century their faith in Christ spread around the entire Roman empire, even as far as England.

​This is the vision of the Christian Faith we strive for. It is the Faith of Saints like Anselm, Julian of Norwich, and C.S Lewis​. Anglicans seek to embody the faith of the early church as well as the English reformers. We follow “what has been believed always, everywhere and by all.”

We live in challenging times. You need a Faith that draws from something deeper than just today. A rich tradition of spiritual depth, beauty and truth await you. I invite you to journey with us.


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