We Believe

In the fifth century, St. Vincent of Lerins saw Christianity under attack by a number of heresies. His response? “We take the greatest care to hold that which has been believed everywhere, always and by all.” 

(The Canon of St. Vincent)

A Christianity bigger than 21st Century America

Sadly, history shows us that religion and empire often get confused with each other. The gospel of Jesus Christ is bigger than our 21st century American context. Jesus is the definitive message of unconditional love of God for all mankind, in all times and places. He doesn’t fit neatly into our politics or our modern cultural conceptions.

We are different. Do not expect us to fit into modern evangelical or fundamentalist boxes. And just because our worship is traditional, don’t confuse that with being spiritually dead or unbiblical. Our pattern is taken from the bible, and we can prove it! The faith we preach and practice draws from the deep well of Christianity throughout all the ages – from desert monks, to Oxford Scholars.  Spend some time with us. we will surprise you. 

What we think is important

We Believe that the Christian church and our society are at a cross-roads, so:
We believe that we need to recover a sense of beauty, majesty and the sacred in worship. We need a church culture that inspires and elevates, that reconnects our lives to the Mysterium Tremendum (Great Mystery). 
We believe that we need to recover “spiritual formation” and the classical virtues like chastity, temperance, courage, charity, and humility. This is an intentional process and requires a rule of life that includes worship, spiritual direction, and a habit of prayer.
We believe that science and religion are not opposed to one another, but that a robust understanding of the Christian faith can stand up to scrutiny and that science without religion has no guiding ethics. Science answers the questions “what” and “how;” religion answers “why” and “by Whom.”
We believe that the Church is called to be a sign of contradiction (as Christ was) in our society, As our society moves further from God we are not to chase it or conform to it, we are to maintain a Biblical witness and historic worship as a witness to the truth.
We believe that the Church is important, and that you can’t be “spiritual” without being religious. In other words, you can’t be truly spiritual without practicing spiritual disciplines and living out your faith within the context of the believing fellowship and the sacraments.

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